Which material should you choose for your terrace: wood or concrete?


Just like the interior, the exterior of a house must be carefully designed. This includes the choice of paint, the decoration of the garden and the material of the terrace. The terrace is the most important outdoor area for the inhabitants. The material chosen for its construction must take into account several factors. Among the most reliable choices, wood and concrete clearly stand out. 

Wooden decking

Wood is a favourite choice for decking. This strong, natural material adds a touch of sophistication and instantly beautifies the outdoors. There are several reasons why wood is so popular with users: its strength. Wood is one of the strongest natural materials available. It does not break easily, has virtually no risk of cracking and can withstand heavy loads. We suggest to go to website  to find out more about the properties of wood.

Another advantage is its aesthetic character. Wood is available in various designs and colours. In terms of decoration and aesthetics, wooden decking is the clear winner. They are very elegant, bright and suitable for all types of decoration. It should be noted, however, that wood also has some flaws. It degrades when it comes into contact with water and requires a lot of maintenance. In other words, this material is not weather-resistant. It is also very expensive and therefore unaffordable.

Concrete decking

Unlike wooden decks, concrete decks are much more flexible. Concrete is an extremely durable material. Opting for a wooden deck means opting for durability, safety and reliability. This material is easy to install and very affordable. Concrete is less expensive than wood and the installation work is just as expensive. In terms of maintenance, it is certainly the most recommended. Concrete does not require the use of chemicals or other products. Concrete decks are easy to clean: a quick wipe with a cloth and that's it.