Timelaps: what is it?

Today, timelapse is becoming a must-have tool for those who want to stand out in digital marketing! Because it's not enough to have an Instagram or a Facebook, you have to invest in quality content. Read this article, if you want to know what is timelapses.

How do the recorded photographs occur for the creation of timelapse?

Timelapse is a reference to the passing of time. Which consists of a cinematographic technique to make a sequence of images much faster than the one produced in movies, for example. To better understand the importance of timelapse, click site. To make it clear to those who have never heard of it: you have probably seen videos whether on Instagram or Facebook that show the complete sunset, the growth of a plant or the ripening of a fruit in a few seconds.

This type of video is a timelapse. It is produced through thousands of photographs recorded by professional cameras that remain in predetermined locations. This chronological order can be planned with an order of days, months or years, and then transformed into a few seconds or minutes.

Where does timelapse become functional for manufacturers?

In addition to being very effective in publicizing a new development and building brand awareness on social media, the timelapse company offers effective and functional resources for construction companies. Indeed, the company is specialized on the subject, so it provides cloud storage, offers an app for iOS and Android, and also provides the responsible team with images of the work on a daily or even real-time basis.

With the timelapse services, the engineers in charge will also be able to remotely monitor the daily construction situation via their own iPhone or smartphone. During the quarantine period, it is an excellent tool to follow the work on the construction site.