The sad reality of homosexuals

Nowadays, relationships between humans have evolved a lot and it is not uncommon to come across people of the same sex who love each other. However, this practice is not well seen in all regions and is even severely punished in other regions. These people also have rights and should be allowed to live as they wish.

Discrimination against homosexuals

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Homosexuals are discriminated against too much, they are persecuted and called names. Everywhere they go, they don't have the same rights as heterosexuals.
Some landlords refuse to rent their apartments to homosexual couples. This discrimination is severely punished and results in imprisonment and a heavy fine. And that's not all, homosexuals are also subject to conflicts with their own family or with their neighborhood. No support comes to them and they feel alone in the world and neglected. In these conditions, affirming your homosexuality is much more difficult when those who are supposed to be closest to you reject it.
Not only that, looking for a job while being gay is very difficult, some recruiters reject you just because of your sexuality.

What is being done about it?

In several countries, governmental actions are taken to help homosexuals. Decrees are signed, marches are organized to denounce all forms of discrimination against homosexuals. Laws are also passed. In some regions even special days are dedicated to homosexuality to help those who practice it and give them a minimum of support. Radical measures are taken against anyone responsible for violence against others because of their sexuality and penalties can be incurred. 
Finally, special centers for homosexuals are also being created and there are even meeting places for gays and lesbians.
Homosexuality is still frowned upon in some areas, but measures are being taken to remedy this.