How to find a lost cat quickly ?

Just like a dog, there are many ways for a cat owner to find his pet quickly. Most of the time, many owners think that it is impossible to find these animals after they have disappeared, when the fault lies with them. In fact, they do not know how to search. So what are these methods? Continue reading this article.

Start the search from home

One of the most effective methods of finding your lost cat is to start your search from home. This is a method that many cat owners are unaware of its effectiveness. Read Full Report of your cat's activities during the day will help you find your cat quickly. In fact, research has shown that over 28.3% of missing cats are still in the house. Either they are resting under a couch or under trees where there is prey. This is one of the cases of a cat considered lost by its owner, while it was hidden in a patio half finished in cinder blocks near his house.

Attracting the cat 

As the owner of your pet, you will know exactly what foods your pet likes. So you can lure him with his favorite food. This is also a very effective way to find your lost cat. A cat is easily attracted by a meal. He will not miss a good meal. In your search, put cat food and water in plain view. He will be attracted especially if he is still inside the house.

Conduct a physical search at the best times 

A physical search at night will also help you find your cat. To do this, check all possible hiding places and comb your house. Since there will be more people on the streets at night, your cat, if shy or frightened, will not have to hide any further. So keep your ears open for meowing cats walking around.