How to do your own SEO?

Having a website for your business has become a very simple thing and possible to all, especially with the advent of CMS that allow you to create sites without any knowledge in coding. However, the challenge is to be among the first sites indexed by Google when someone wants to buy your service or product. You must therefore optimize the referencing of your site.

Examine your visibility on Google

SEO in simple terms is the fact that a search engine such as Google indexes your page so that it is visible to anyone interested in your product. Get the facts ! Indeed, to achieve this Google stores information about your web page through the index. This will allow it to point directly to the link of your site when a third person types in the search bar information about your company. You must therefore take the trouble to check if your site is indexed by Google. To do this, go to the Google search engine and enter the URL of your site in the search bar. If your site is indexed, you will know it, because Google will compare your site with others, such as Wikipedia. If not, there are several reasons that can explain this among others: poor creation of the site, the non-visibility of your site because it is new, etc.. It's up to you to understand the problem your site is facing, whether it's about quality, indexing or security of your site.

A professional creation and a good flow

You can call on an expert in the field or use specific tools to help you, such as the robots.txt encoding file. A tool that will specify to the search engine which parts of your site to visit or not. Nevertheless, you must keep in mind that this technique is not 100% reliable. You will have to find a solution in case you have a persistent problem such as sensitive pages that are still visible. In case, the sensitivity of these pages is related to a subdomain of your site, you are obliged to create another robots.txt template. Make use of the Meta-description tag for better SEO of your site while using catchy titles. The most important thing is to attract the visitor's attention and bring him to your site.